Campaign Fact Check

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A controversial political ad claims that a state attorney candidate had not tried a case in front of a jury in 24 years. That led Newschannel Seven to do a fact check.

This is the charge quoted in a paid political ad:

"She hasn't tried a case in front of a jury in more than 24 years."

The ad was pulled by local stations after Martha "Sister" Blackmon Milligan said it wasn't true, but until now no one has been able to prove who is right. According to Bay County court records listing all of Blackmon's criminal cases, she actually tried, but lost two cases as a defense attorney in 1986 in front of a jury. That proves she has tried a case in front of a jury in the last 24 years.

Blackmon- Milligan was presented with the court information at her office Thursday afternoon and asked about the claims made by opponents to her campaign.

"As you said, you've been down to the courthouse and you did the research yourself. You found out that obviously I have tried cases before in the court. You know that's not unusual, most people try cases either in front of a jury or a judge."

And with a little more than two weeks of campaigning left, information about both candidates is guaranteed to keep flowing.

"The sad thing about this state attorney race, as it has degraded to be, is the fact that some people believe that if they can paint a certain picture to the public, the public will fall for that. I happen to think the public is more astute than that."

We contacted Steve Meadows for a comment about the obtained records as well and he said, “Finally after two years of campaigning Channel Seven was able to uncover two cases, both she lost, that hardly qualifies one to lead and direct experienced prosecutors."