"Crazy White Boys"

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Bay County sheriff's investigators say they have found the teenagers responsible for the June murder of 17-year-old Jeffrey Shane Elliot. He was beaten and left for dead at a Grand Lagoon area boatramp on South Lagoon Drive.

Early Thursday morning deputies arrested 19-year-old Steven Fox, 18-year-old Kyle Sites, 18-year-old Ryan Gray, 17-year-old Derrick Humphreys and 17-year-old Aaron Cashon. All five have been charged with felony murder and armed robbery.

Investigators say on June 2 the men beat up Jeffrey Elliot who may have been trying to buy drugs. They supposedly robbed him of $50 and beat him up. Elliot died two days later.

The arrests were part of a massive effort by more than 20 investigators from the Bay County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Sgt. Steve Harbuck says, "These are not just little punk kids causing criminal mischief. These guys will hurt you and rob you and need to be dealt with in a serious way."

Investigators say the men belong to a gang called the “Crazy White Boys,” a group charged with more than 20 crimes in a two-year period. The charges go back almost two and a half years and range from drug trafficking, grand theft and now for the aforementioned young men, murder.

Authorities say the Crazy White Boys gang operates on Panama City Beach and has more than 35 members. Most are high school dropouts and grow up into the gang. Currently, authorities have nine members in custody and have warrants out for three other members.

They believe the gang will be linked to even more crimes. Investigators have stopped short of saying Bay County has a gang problem. They believe the group is an isolated group of criminals.