Trio Rescued From Sailboat

The Coast Guard says it rescued three men Thursday after they got stranded on their sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico amid high winds and rough seas.

The Coast Guard received a distress call before dawn that two of the men had hypothermia and one was unconscious off the coast at Cape San Blas in Gulf County.

A rescue boat and helicopter found the three conscious and in stable condition about four hours later, but suffering from exposure to a storm that passed through a day earlier.

Temperatures before dawn Thursday fell into the 50s, seas were 15 feet high and winds were more than 30 miles-per-hour.

The three boaters were identified as Steve Marriot, 47 years old, and 50-year-old Mark Turnerr. Their hometowns were immediately known. The third rescued mariner was 54-year-old Jan Pitizla of New Orleans.

They were hoisted to the chopper and brought to a Panama City hospital.