Stopping Time

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One local church wrapped up memories Sunday and sent them to the future. The West Bay Baptist Church filled a time capsule to be unwrapped in 2050.

The West Bay Dedication Day included the St. Andrews Civil War Reenactors Club who brought historical flags to represent change throughout the ages.

The church sits next to a graveyard that has the graves of Civil War veterans. Pastor Roger Kran says there are so many historical memories about the church that they wanted to fill the capsule with details about the history of Bay County.

"You have to ask yourself ‘if I was opening a time capsule today that was made 50 years ago, what would I want to see?’ So, that's what we did. Each member of the church has made a contribution into this time capsule."

The church started collecting items for the time capsule last year during the church's 50th anniversary.