More on the "Crazy White Boys" Gang

This week’s arrests in the murder case of Jeffery Shane Elliott are just the beginning of a crackdown on “The Crazy White Boys” gang.

NewsChannel Seven spoke with several people who know members of the gang, some of whom went and still go to Arnold High School at Panama City Beach.

For many of the students at Arnold High, the name “Crazy White Boys” rings a bell. One student told us “our go to high school for a couple of years, you are going to hear about them one way or another. It could be, did you hear what happened at school today, so and so’s car got broken into.”

Another student, not wanting to be identified in our story, says, “People knew they were involved in drugs but they never actually thought they were selling drugs, dealing them, stealing from people and hurting people.”

But Bay County sheriff’s deputies say it’s true. Over the last two years, members of the gang have been charged 150 times with various crimes including drug trafficking, armed robbery and now first-degree murder.

A third student we talked with says, “They don’t single people out. They just go after someone with some property, some money or some drugs. If they want it, they are going to take it and they don’t care who they hurt.”

Deputies say the gang members called their crimes “hitting a lick” and they believe that is exactly what happened to Jeffery Shane Elliott. “They picked people out and tried to have fights with them. They take their money or take their cell phones. Sometimes they try to take people’s cars.”

The five killed Elliott with a baseball bat earlier this summer at a Grand Lagoon Boat Ramp on South Lagoon Drive.

Investigators say members of the Crazy White Boys gang will sometimes wear blue bandanas. Some have tattoos like “CWB” or”360”, which means full circle of family.