John Edwards Campaigns Sunday Night in Tallahassee

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Early voting begins first thing Monday morning, and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards was in Tallahassee Sunday night telling voters to take advantage of the new law.

Sen. Edwards spoke to several thousand supporters on the campus of Florida A&M University. His familiar speech had a special message for Floridians.

Thousands of students and supporters came to Florida A&M University to hear John Edwards and he didn’t disappoint them.

“You deserve a president who will fight for you every day.”

A handful of George Bush supporter came out too. Troy Irwin says they wanted to send a message.

“The past three and a half years have been really successful for our country. That we want to re-elect him for another four years.”

One thing both Republicans and Democrats agree on is the importance of early voting in Florida. The vice presidential candidate agreed.

“There is no reason to wait for November 2nd. You can vote starting tomorrow (Monday), you ought to vote starting tomorrow.”

After the rally, we asked a couple of tough questions. We wanted to know if Edwards still thought bringing Dick Cheney’s daughter’s sexual preferences into the debate was the right choice.

His response, “All I was doing was saying I had admiration and respect for their behavior as parents and it was that simple, it wasn’t any more complicated than that.”

Edwards brushed off poll results showing George Bush ahead, saying John Kerry picked up a lot of momentum after the debates. He absolutely believes whoever wins Florida will win the election.

“Yes I do, yes I do. I think Florida is ground zero for the presidential election. Obviously 2000 is an obvious example, but it’s a close race here. The electoral votes are up for grabs.”

Both campaigns plan to spend a lot of time in Florida over the next two weeks.

John Edwards headed to Fort Myers after his Tallahassee rally. John Kerry was in Fort Lauderdale Sunday, and heads to West Palm Beach, Tampa and Orlando Monday.

President George Bush plans campaign events in Boca Raton Monday and Tuesday in New Port Richey and at The Villages.