Police Standoff Ends Peacefully

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A standoff between Bay County sheriff's deputies and a Bayou George woman ends safely Sunday afternoon with the woman being restrained and taken to a hospital.

Concerned neighbors on Joseph Road off John Pitts Road in Bayou George called authorities around 1:00 Sunday afternoon. The residents were concerned for their safety and the safety of their neighbor, Lillian Frank. They told deputies she was walking around her yard with a gun.

"We talked with some of the neighbors. They had been out in the yard earlier, heard some gun shots, and one of the shots went over the heads of some of the people in the neighborhood," said Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

McKeithen said when deputies arrived Frank wouldn't put her gun down, then went into her house and wouldn't come out. After about two hours, the Bay County Sheriff SWAT team bombed with house with tear gas and were able to go in and restrain Frank. Deputies said Frank has a history of mental illness.