Police Investigating Two Deaths in DeFuniak Springs

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Officers responded to a medical call at a Bay Avenue home around 5:00 Sunday evening.

When they went inside, they found Rose Marie Combs dead. She died from a gunshot wound. Neighbors say she was in her mid-30s.

Police went door-to-door hoping to learn more about what happened. About a mile away, police found 81-year-old Hubbard Campbell dead in his home on Dorsey Avenue. They also say they found a note indicating both deaths were connected, although they won't say what that connection is or where they found the note.

The day after the killings, neighbors are still trying to sort out the details.

Neighbor Alex Alexander says, "I was working in my yard and I heard what I thought at the time was a firecracker going of and a cry, just a small sort of a yelp and then I didn't think anymore of it until about 40 minutes later until the emergency vehicles all pulled up at Miss Rose's house.”

Combs reportedly lived with her 15-year-old daughter.