Amendment 1: Parental Notice of Teen's Abortion

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The state constitution gives teenage girls the right to privacy when it comes to reproductive rights. Since 1998 the legislature has sought to require notice to parents when teens seek an abortion. Each time the courts have refused, so now lawmakers want to change the constitution.

Right to life supporters say it's about time.

"Judeo-Christian beliefs will tell you that the parent has the responsibility to make decisions for their children until they're of age, so I think any culture would benefit from this amendment," says Pastor Gregory George, who supports Amendment 1.

Amendment 1 would require teenage girls to notify their parents before getting an abortion, and although the legislature will provide exceptions to the rule, opponents say it will ultimately mean more late term abortions and more abandonments.

"Most girls are ashamed to tell their parents and they probably would go through the trouble of getting an exemption through the courts. Instead they might do it theirselves or get someone to do it that isn't qualified," says Harriett Myers, who opposes Amendment 1.

Myers says many teen girls do talk to their parents before getting an abortion anyways, but George and other supporters of Amendment 1 say the state should do more to let parents know.

If the amendment passes, the legislature will have to pass a separate bill to make parental notification a reality.