Christmas Trees

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With over 40 percent of Americans choosing artificial Christmas trees, live Christmas trees sales are on the decline.

There is a farm in Sneads that plans to keep the traditional tree alive.

Workers at Powell’s Tree Farm in Sneads say that this may be their customers’ favorite time of year, but Christmas is a 365-day affair for the family.

Mark Powell, a Christmas tree farmer, says, "There's a lot of work to this. A lot of people think, oh yeah, it's easy. No, it's not easy. We have to trim them about three times a year and that's including in July and August when it's100 degrees."

It takes three to five years to grow a Christmas tree. Mark Powell says that with all the varieties of trees on the market there is something for everybody.

The Powell family has been selling trees for over 25 years. With more and more people taking on busier lifestyles they say coming to the tree farm is good family therapy.

The Powell’s Tree Farm even allows customers to chop down their own tree if they would like to.