U.S. Senate Hopefuls Face Off

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It's a close race. Both candidates share the same percentage in the polls, so a face-to-face debate may be just what voters need to make their decision for U.S. Senate here in Florida.

Smear ads are all some voters have seen when it comes to the U.S. Senate race in Florida. With only two weeks left voters may know where Democrat Betty Castor and Republican Mel Martinez stand on Sami Al-Arian, but some may still be confused on where they stand on the real issues.

A face-off between the two candidates should help clear that up. Castor and Martinez disagree on almost all the issues, including the war.

"Moderator: If there was a vote in the Senate to go to war with Iraq knowing they didn't have weapons of mass destruction would you vote for it? Martinez: yes. Castor: no."

Both candidates also addressed some of the constitutional amendments on Florida's ballot this November. Raising Florida's minimum wage was just one of the amendments the candidates focused on.

"A buck an hour isn't going to bring someone out of poverty," says Republican candidate Mel Martinez.

"I think it's an embarrassment not to have a higher minimum wage. We should raise it for all the people here in Florida," says Democratic Candidate Betty Castor.

The issues aren't the only factor in this race. Both candidates also hope the voters will take their background into account.

Castor served as a state senator, State Education Commissioner, and a university president. Martinez served as Orange County Chairman and served in President Bush's Cabinet as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Castor and Martinez will meet again Oct. 25 at Florida International University.