Big Bill

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The work is done and paid for, but Angie Schulte, the owner of Joe's Mobile Home Transport, is now facing a $10,000 bill because of another company's bankruptcy.

"They want the money back."

Schulte says they were hired by Oakwood Homes Corporation out of Delaware to do local work. When the work was done Oakwood paid the bill, but that same bill is exactly what Schulte is being told to give back.

"Within 90 days of us actually receiving funds for work that we performed, they filed for bankruptcy."

According to attorney Steven Jurnovoy, there is a preference period, meaning any time you make a payment within 90 days to a creditor the bank can go back and get that money if you file for bankruptcy.

This is supposed to protect businesses included in the bankruptcy to ensure preferential treatment is not given to certain businesses who are paid off before the bankruptcy.

The Schulte's are not included in the bankruptcy because at that point Oakwood only owed them $150.

"We get the bankruptcy notices in the mail all the time. People who owe you $50, $75, something like that, and it's not worth pursuing."

But now she says she's stuck with a bill that could help put her out of business.