Help for Families Who Lost Their Homes Because of Hurricane Ivan

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Last week FEMA and Jackson County Emergency Operations officials announced a plan to provide housing for people who lost their homes to Hurricane Ivan. That's good news for at least one family that's been waiting for help.

The storm may have passed but, some families in Jackson County are still feeling the affects. One of those is Loriene Brinson.

"There was a big old tree that split that side of the trailer and we cried and hollered," she says.

Loriene, her husband and their two children were instantly homeless and have been that way ever since one of Hurricane Ivan's tornadoes sent a tree through the roof of the family’s trailer.

"We were looking for a hotel and all of them said no vacancies, so my mama's friend was telling us to go over there, so we had to stay at Tony's restaurant that night."

Fortunately for them the restaurant gave them shelter, at least for one night, but Rodney Andreason, Jackson County’s emergency management director, says while the family was gone from their damaged mobile home, looters struck and stole everything.

"For this family there wasn't much calm after the storm because some people decided to help themselves to what was left of their home."

Loriene says the principal at her son's school made some living arrangements for the family at the Blue Springs Campgrounds in Marianna.

"He called me and told me to tell the lady to put us up in a place until we found something better."

That something better will most likely happen very soon. FEMA says they are going to bring mobile homes into the Marianna area to provide some temporary housing. For the Brinson family it’s the good news that they've been waiting for.

FEMA says if you were displaced as result of Ivan and you're still without a place to live, please contact the Jackson County Emergency Operations Center at 850-526-4500.