High Speed Chase

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A high speed chase ended in death Tuesday. A Panama City Beach man led law enforcement through two counties apparently trying to get away from several arrest warrants.

The chase started around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning in Bay County, and ended on state road 20 near Choctaw Beach in Walton County. A sheriff's deputy ended the change when he bumped the rear of the suspect's speeding car. It went out of control, ran off the road and rolled over twice, throwing him out.

Panama City and Bay County officials were attempting to serve 22 year old MIchael Ebay Hill with several arrest warrants. Bay County deputies located Hill and his car near his Panama City Beach home, but the man fled when authorities tried to pull him over.

The suspect reached speeds near 80 miles per hour as he headed west on Back Beach Road for Walton County. Bay County sheriff's deputies pulled back and Walton law enforcement took over the chase through south Walton and into Freeport, finally ending in the Basin Bayou area.

Hill eluded police for more than 40 miles and got around at least three spike strips before finally losing a tire near Freeport. He drove on State Road 20 on the rim until crashing just outside of Okaloosa County where officials had set up a road block.

Hill died from his injuries shortly after the crash.

Bay County officials say the driver called 9-1-1 several times and talked with deputies. Each time he indicated he would stop if the cop cars backed off.

He never stopped and officials say he was just playing games trying to get distance between himself and police.

Panama City had outstanding warrants for armed robbery, grand theft and grand theft auto. Bay County says he has a history of fleeing. The driver is also wanted in Mississippi.