Hip-Hop Fest

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More than 100 people have come to Niceville from across the Panhandle to learn the latest hip-hop dance moves. Hip-hop dance has taken the country by storm most recently with the movie "You Got Served."

Four choreographers from the film now lead workshops all over the country and bring with them impressive resumes.

Calvin Foster, the event organizer, says, "They work with all the top stars form Destiny's Child to Prince to Usher to Missy Elliott, you name it.”

Calvin Foster runs his own family entertainment company and brought the choreographers to Niceville, a place not exactly known hip-hop.

"We wanted to take it to areas where kids don't get to work with choreographers like this nor see them instead of just going to all the major cities."

But just because the Panhandle may be a speck on the hip-hop map, don't think that people aren't interested. Organizers say we should expect more events like this in the future.