Get Out the Vote

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She says she's the window into what her husband and John Kerry believe, that's why Elizabeth Edwards is in Panama City telling an eager crowd why this team should take over the White House.

Edwards repeatedly urged the crowd to head to the polls as soon as possible.

"We want to encourage every single person here to use early voting because you know there can be some mistakes."

Despite strong Republican support in the Panhandle, Edwards says this is familiar territory. Her parents met and married in Pensacola and then her father was stationed in Jacksonville while she was young when he was a Navy pilot.

"The president has promised more of the same and a lot of people want change and I don't think these people who want jobs back in manufacturing, back in this country aren't necessarily Republican or Democrat, they're just people who want to work.”

Edwards says her husband and John Kerry will provide the leadership necessary to make this country safer and at the same time ensure quality jobs for Americans, and before she left, Edwards greeted every person boarding a bus headed for the supervisor of elections office to vote early.

"The choice we're going to make between now and November 2nd has a lot to do with what's going to happen in their future, whether we have overtime pay for six million Americans or whether we don't, whether we work on making certain to lower the cost of health care and insure all those people who are uninsured or whether we don't."

And that's a choice Edwards left to the voters, hoping her husband's name will be checked on their ballot at the polls.