Flu Update

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The Bay County Health Department has received a small amount of the flu vaccine, 180 doses, for children only. This is also the same information for the Okaloosa County Health Department.

More vaccine is on the way within the next two months, but for now the vaccine available is only for children ages six months to 18 years suffering from chronic diseases or undergoing long-term aspirin therapy.

The Bay County Health Department and the Okaloosa County Health Department have no vaccines for the general public.

Rick Davis of the Bay County Health Department says, "Right now in Bay County, there is very little vaccine and it doesn't do you a lot of good to get worked up over something you cant control, the government, the state government and the federal government are working to get to vaccine to Bay County and all the other counties in Florida and throughout the nation.

Health officials recommend calling your health care provider if you are a high risk adult needing a flu shot. If you are a healthy adult or child simple precautions like frequent hand washings and avoiding touching your noise, eyes and mouth can help protect against the flu.