Flu Shot Lines

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With the flu shot shortage this year, many seniors are worried they will end up trapped indoors come cooler weather. Locally, Bay Medical Center received the vaccination, strictly for high risk seniors only.

Many woke up early to make sure they were among the lucky ones. By 8 a.m. Wednesday the line wrapped all the way around the Bay Medical Clinic on Middle Beach Road, and despite a long wait, spirits remained high.

The Doyle's from Wewa arrived at 2 a.m. and slept in their truck. Ed says there's no question, he has to have a flu shot.

Seeing the long line, nurses opened the clinic early to start vaccinating. Many of those waiting say the shot could mean the difference between life and death this flu season.

Shirley Gilbert said, "My husband had lung cancer, so he needs one even more than I."

"I was really relieved when I heard they had some for us," added Louise Wybo.

Still, others just waited with loved ones for moral support.

"I don't need one, there's people out there that need one more than me," says Rudolph Hanselka.

"They say we're foolish waiting in line because there will be lot in November, so why are you waiting in line? I don't know!" Robert Zales says.

The shots are only for Bay Med plus members 65 and older. If you do not meet the Bay Medical Criteria for getting a flu shot and need the vaccine, contact your doctor or the Bay County Health Department.