Stolen Pets

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It seems that a number of dogs have come up missing in Calhoun County and some pet owners suspect foul play.

It's Christmas time and unfortunately for some pet owners in Calhoun County, somebody wants to be a Grinch. Mat Layfeild says that his dog Zoey went missing just before Thanksgiving.

"After listening to WYBT, Blountstown local radio station here, it was apparent that other people were having the same problem. It's a little more widespread than just myself."

Both of Tammie Brown's dogs went missing around the same time. She says that they were taken right out of her house while she was away.

"When mine went missing I went door to door. I went to every door around here, me and my son, and people would tell us that theirs had got picked up and was missing also, and I tried to convince them to call the Sheriff's Department, that's what I did."

They suspect their dogs may end up a gift this year.

"Somebody must be stealing pets and selling them for the holidays or something like that."

Both of these owners have put out rewards for their animals and they hope to hear some good news any day now. Some residents in Calhoun County say at least 10 pets from their neighborhood have went missing within the past two weeks.

Anyone with any information is advised to contact the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office at 850-674-5049.