Students at Poplar Springs School in Holmes County Have Something to Celebrate

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After years of anticipation, their new Poplar Springs School finally opens this week. It's been a long time coming.

But some, like Doris Scott, say it was worth the wait. "When I was attending here we carried our lunch in a paper bag and ate outside." Doris remembers when there wasn't even a cafeteria at the school.

She and other alumni came out to say goodbye to the old school and have a last meal in the cafeteria on Wednesday.

Gary Scott is the Chairman of the School Board in Holmes County. "A few years ago we got the state funding to construct a new facility here at Poplar Springs; it’s the same school just a new building."

Gary Scott attended this school and says the students just needed a better place to learn. "Several years ago, I came up here at Christmas time and the heat was off and it was unattainable for our students to be in that type of facility."

That's one thing that the students don't have to worry about anymore with a new building. Even their outdoor lockers will be moved indoors.

Poplar Springs’ first school originally opened in 1927, teaching Kindergarten through 10th grade. The school did not add 11th and 12th graders until 1935.