Construction on Hold?

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High-rise condos are going up all over Panama City Beach. But folks on the other side of the bridge are still trying to get used to the idea of a high-rise skyline. In fact, some want to put a halt the most new development until the city can come up with a plan for the anticipated boom.

Panama City officials asked for this proposed time-out on new construction projects that would require a zoning code adjustment. Thursday, a Downtown Improvement Board committee endorsed the idea, but not before giving the okay to an 11-story condo development near McKenzie Park.

The new complex is called Massalina Commons. The Architectural Review Committee gave its blessing to the project in hopes this kind of development will become required.

The developers used what's called "smart-growth" codes to design Massalina Commons, which basically means they took into account what would with our community before designing the project. Things like parking on the first three floors of the building and public access to Massalina Bayou on either side of the property.

"From the gazebo in McKenzie Park you'll only see the top of the building."

During the proposed moratorium on building, Panama City Officials want to look into possible with DIB members December 14 to talk more about the moratorium.

The smart growth plan hailed as the antithesis to urban sprawl is sure to come up.