Stolen Sponge

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Maybe it’s his spongy skin. Maybe it’s his square pants. Maybe it’s his toothy grin or lack of teeth, but for whatever the reason, nine-foot inflatable SpongeBobs are being stolen off the roofs of Burger Kings across the country.

The $500 balloons have even popped up on ebay going for almost twice the price. More that 4,800 balloons sit on top of Burger Kings from coast to coast, promoting the absorbent actor's new movie.

Nearly 100 have been stolen so far. No reported thefts in Bay County, yet.

“There was a gentleman who came through the drive thru today, he told me if it was not gone by Friday, he'd have it,” says Burger King Employee Sewiner Daniels.

The slogan here at Burger King may be, “Have it Your Way,” but that does not include SpongeBob Squarepants. Get caught climbing the walls and you could face some serious consequences.

“You'll get taken straight to jail for that, no doubt about it. I guess we'll be doin’ some extra patrols from now on,” says Officer E. Talamantez.

You've been warned, so leave SpongeBob alone. This is one sponge you don't want to squeeze.

Two area Burger Kings have lost their SpongeBob balloons, but not to thieves, both were victims of storm damage.