Legal Battle Over West End Height Restrictions Brewing as First Lawsuit Is Filed

The Bay County Commissioners decision to impose building height restrictions on just the west end of the local beach, has led to a lawsuit being filed late Thursday.

Last month the commission imposed "C-2" zoning on properties on the north side of Front Beach Road, granting as few exceptions. This type zoning restricts building to five stories high while those on the south side or the Gulf side of the road can go up 23 stories under their highly desired "SR-2" zoning.

This greater height means the SR-2 properties are more valuable as potential condo sites.

One of those property owners, denied the SR-2 zoning, was Dirk Langlotz, who owns Blue Horizon Lodge and Retreat. Thursday Langlotz filed suit against the county claiming the commission's actions denied him equal protection under the law, and was not based on competent evidence.

Several other property owners along the west end of the beaches are expected to file similar suits.