State Voter Fraud Investigation Underway

With less than two weeks to go before the election, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched a statewide investigation into voter fraud.

F-D-L-E spokesman Tom Berlinger says they’ve been getting reports from several different counties about problems with the voter registration process.

"There’s been all kinds of shenanigans that appear to be going on. Yesterday our folks got together by conference call and decided this was bigger perhaps than a couple of small investigations that are kind of focused all over the state in different spots. So what we are going to do now is approach it from a state wide task force perspective."

Berlinger says F-D-L-E has heard complaints from all over the state. "People are getting their parties switched and didn’t realize that they had signed a form to do that. Some may have even been switched without signing a form at all. There has been ballot initiatives where I think we are probably going to find people that don’t exist may have signed the ballot initiative. Perhaps dead people have signed up to vote. It could be any number of things but we are finding that there are a lot of peculiarities that are arising in different corners of the state."

F-D-L-E was recently criticized for heavy-handed tactics during a voter fraud investigation in Orlando and Berlinger says that won’t happen again. “One of the things that we are not going to do and I can say this with certainty is we don’t plan before election day on interviewing any of the voters. What we are going to do instead is focus right now is gathering intelligence about the groups that are involved in this activity find out who’s paying them, find out who’s been working for them and find out their motives and their reasons for doing what they are doing."

The F-D-L-E’s announcement came just one day after Governor Jeb Bush expressed dismay at the stories of voter fraud and vowed that they would be investigated