Shopping Spree

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Everything from new shoes, shirts, pants, underwear and winter coats fill the small room at the Panama City Mall. This week it will also be filled with students picking out their new clothes.

Candee Lovchuk is a member of the league and says she has so many good memories about the clothing drive.

"To be able to bring these children in here, take them around, show them new coats, new shoes, new shirts, underwear, panties, for a lot of these children it's the very first brand new clothes they've ever had."

Every year the Junior Service League hosts the Holly Fair. All proceeds from the event go directly to the league so they can buy new clothes for the children in the winter and again in the spring with the help of a local department store.

"Part of the reason I joined the Junior Service League was to volunteer my time at events like Holly Fair in order to raise money for the children that are not as fortunate as mine. I'm very lucky that I can go out and buy those brand new shoes or new school clothes, but there are a lot of parents in Bay County that can't do that."

Laura Griffitts, another member of the league, says they almost lost a store sponsor this year.

"Actually, this is our first year at Sears and we're very, very lucky because we were left in a difficult situation and had no one to help us clothes these kids. Ron Sharp, the manager of Sears stepped in at the last minute, so we're very, very grateful to them."

The children will pick out an entire brand new outfit from Sears and go home with a smile as well.