New DCF Boss

It’s been called the most thankless job in state government, but that hasn’t deterred Lucy Hadi from signing on as the secretary of the Department of Children and Families.

She’s been serving as the interim secretary since September, when Jerry Regier was forced to resign because of a contracting scandal.

It’s a tough job, but Hadi says it’s doable.

“Unlike a lot of folks, I don’t believe that the job is impossible to do. And the reason is because it’s not one person doing it. This has to be a team effort. First, we have wonderful talent inside the organization. There are many people who are waiting and hoping for the chance to apply themselves to a bigger mission. We’re going to give them that chance. We’re going to give them that challenge.”

Hadi is a veteran of state government. She served as deputy secretary at the Department of Children and Families, chief of staff for the lieutenant governor and director of the Agency for Workforce Development.