Gator Fans Say Goodbye to Zook

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Monday was a day of mixed emotions for many loyal Gator fans. Most agree that Foley made the right decision in letting Zook go, but are anxious about what the future might bring for the football program.

Charles Lawerence has been to almost every Gator football game since 1985, inlcuding last Saturday's upset against Mississippi State.

"I really thought we would win. In the end I thought we would come back, but it never happened," says Lawerence.

Lawerence knew Saturday was the beginning of the end for Ron Zook, he just didn't know the end would come so soon.

Even so, Lawerence and other local Gator fans say the decision to fire Zook was a good one.

"I hate to see anyone lose their job, but it had to happen. It was a smart decision," says Bobby Carswell.

Even the Gators most staunch rivals were surprised to see Zook get the ax.

"It was a shock. I feel for the players and the rest of the coaching staff," says Seminole Fan Tammy Dunaway.

The return of Steve Spurrier is the biggest reason Dunaway and other Gator rivals are just a little worried about Monday's decision, but the possibility of Spurrier returning to Gainesville has many fans doing the Gator Chomp.

"Obviously we were spoiled with Spurrier. Even though we might be behind in a game we expected Spurrier to come back and win," says Lawerence.

"We had Coach Spurrier for so many years and he had tremendous success. He could be back. I would be very happy if he came back," says Carswell.