Grinch Steals Christmas

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It never fails; each holiday season some un-jolly soul sets out to steal Christmas from those who work so hard to display its splendor.

This year the residents of Lynn Haven have been targeted. There have been nine reported cases of stolen Christmas decorations in this jolly town, none so far in neighboring Panama City and the beaches.

"Last night about 10:30 the police came knocking at the door and asked if we knew anything about stolen lights next year. We didn't, but I did notice their Christmas tree was missing," says Lisa Crumm, a Lynn Haven resident.

Police say most likely area high schoolers are to blame, but that doesn't mean their punishment will go unnoticed.

"If we catch 'em we can charge them with theft," says Assistant Chief Dennis Kiah of the Lynn Haven Police Department.

Police say you can take some simple precautions like putting your decorations up at night or asking your neighbors to watch after them for you. Some people are even taking extra precautions.

"If I didn't have a fence around my yard and locked up, I think I'd have a problem," says George Green Senior, a Lynn Haven resident.

Green says the fence around his house helps keep the Grinch out, but police say other decorators don't have to go so far.

"We've stepped up patrol, keeping neighborhoods under a better watch," says Asst. Chief Kiah.

It’s good news for those keeping with the spirit of Christmas.

Lynn Haven police haven't caught this year's decoration-knappers, but have in years past, and they did press charges.