Lynn Haven Faces Mobile Home Problem

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Some Lynn Haven residents say the city is not doing enough to keep trailers out of their neighborhood, but city officials say they're doing all they can within the law.

The city already bought out the owner of this trailer, so the owner would move the mobile home out of the community off of 16th Street. Now, city commissioners will make a final vote on a new ordinance Tuesday night at 7 p.m., creating aesthetic guidelines for all homes.

City officials say the ordinance essentially keeps trailers out of the city, without discriminating against mobile home owners.

"The beauty of this is there's a disclaimer in the ordinance that says that the potential home has to look like five other homes on the street, so what you've got is a check and double check to make sure nobody's property value goes down," says Lynn Haven city manager, John Lynch.

"I went down to several mobile home lots this morning and talked to them about these regulations. You go in and ask for a custom home and they can reach all these standards, and that's still not helping the situation," says Helen Steele, a Lynn Haven resident.

Steele says the city should just create a designated area for trailers. Lynch says the city plans to do just that within the next few months.