Spongebob Theft

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As Spongebob's popularity has grown, like all celebrities, he's become a target. Through the night, thieves made off with the spongy star at a back beach Burger King, leaving only duct tape behind. But luckily, Spongebob didn't go far.

About seven miles away in Rosemary Beach, John LaPlante made a startling discovery in his yet-to-be-built home.

“I walked in here and I saw a big blowup Spongebob in my future-to-be study. I thought it was a prank, and then I got a little concerned because it had obviously come from somewhere. And I was gonna pull it out of the house, but it was too big, so I just left it there till Monday, and I looked at it again and, I just hadn't gotten to take it out of there.”

Tuesday night, Walton County Sheriff deputies finally removed Mr. Squarepants. Wednesday morning, Burger King employees brought him back to the store. They tried to put him back on his perch, but there was a small problem. Apparently his kidnappers were not very gentle, and Spongebob Squarepants lived up to his porous nature.

Unable to hold any air, he had to come down, landing squarely on his square head. And an even sadder ending to this sad story; his kidnappers remain at large.