Football Fever

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Look out Gainesville, here come the Blountstown Tigers. The whole town turned out Wednesday to send their high school football team off to Gainesville for Thursday's I-A state championship title game.

Fans plan to make the trip hoping to relive some of the magic of the school’s last championship in 1977.

Tiger fever is heating up and the people in Blountstown are ready to party like it's 1977.

"It feels really good. We're proud of the boys, they've worked really hard all season and we're just glad to be a part of their success," says Djuana Weaver.

They're one game away from all the marbles and there's a rumor going around that this place maybe a ghost town tomorrow.

"Everybody's going that's the rumor is. There's buses chartered. Nobody's going to work."

"Half of these mamas and daddies out here is ‘gonna lose their jobs taking days off going to all these games, but if everybody follows the Tigers to Gainesville, who's going to watch the bank and the traffic light?”

"We actually have two traffic lights, but I think one officer can cover that."

We'll if it's one officer, I'm sure he can handle it because this town's headed southeast to support the fighting Tigers.