Attacker Gives Jailhouse Interview

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As two families wait for their loved ones to recover from a brutal attack, the man accused of shooting and stabbing them is speaking out, but he's avoiding some of the crucial details.

NewsChannel 7's Amy Morris talked with Jason Croff at the Bay County Jail. He sat only a few minutes in the interview chair and what he had to say just led to more questions.

Reporter: "Do you remember what happened that night?”

Croff: “Parts of it.

Reporter: “Can you tell me what you remember?”

Croff: “It's foggy."

Bay County sheriff's investigators have no problem filling in the gaps. They say Croff went into a Fountain house on Two Trail Road around 6 a.m. Monday, slit 23-year-old William Carlisle's throat then shot him and 20-year-old Daniel Andrews while the two were sleeping.

But Croff tells a different story. In fact, in our short interview he told three different stories.

Croff: “When I got home there were three strangers in my house."

Croff: “I known one of them previously. The other one I didn't know."

Croff: "One of them was in my house when I got there and the other one showed up."

Croff says this all happened a few hours before he was arrested. We asked the evasive Croff why he wanted to do an interview.

Croff: “A chance to get out and move around."

One of the two men Croff is accused of attacking remains in a Panama City hospital. Carlisle is in stable condition and Andrews died early Friday..

Croff says he does remember speeding away from Washington and Holmes County Sheriff's Deputies. He says all he could think was run, just run. When asked why he was running he says he couldn't remember.