Doctors Playing God With Flu Shots

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With a critical shortage of flu vaccine plaguing the nation, doctors and other health care professionals are left to decide who receives the shot first.

Who to vaccinate first, a sick nursing home inmate or a toddler? Those are the choices many area physicians will have to make once their flu shots come in.

Dr. Smith and his staff are also considered critical need because of their potential exposure, but Smith says his patients come first. He's hoping an old alternative will help stave off the flu in his office this year.

"There is preventative pill for strand A form of the flu. I took that before there was a vaccine and I'll rely on it again this year."

Dr. Smith ordered flu vaccine last year from the English manufacturer that has since gone out of business. He says he's not holding his breath for a flu shot delivery to his office any time soon.

USA Today reports federal health officials are even consulting ethics experts to help define the rules about who to vaccinate.