Hathaway Bridge Vagrants

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Just under the west end of the new Hathaway bridge lies a small park and boat ramp. It gives fishermen like Milton Brown easy access to the water and has become quite popular.

Milton says, “I've seen as many as 30 to 40 people here enjoying the park and all during the day, fine, but usually at night you don't want any trouble or anything, so most people leave after dark.”

Apparently, the people who come after dark have been leaving trouble. Look around and you'll see broken bottles and flies swarming around old food. Under the bridge lie several piles of what looks like human waste, and it smells of urine.

The park is co-owned by the state and the county, and on Friday the County Commission promised to look into it.

George Gainer, Bay County Commissioner, says, "We intend to express our concern to the county, have them go out and inspect it, our Parks and Recreation Department will be put on notice; they'll start patrolling it and we will get rid of anybody who's not using the park for what they're designed for."

“I think it’s an easy problem to solve. For two lights set up here in this area would make it a spot that families could enjoy even at night.”

He feels light is one of many little fixes that could help keep fisherman in and the vagrants out.