Florida Lawmakers Reworking KidCare

Florida lawmakers are taking another look at new requirements they passed last spring to tighten eligibility rules for the KidCare insurance program.

Parents say they were overwhelmed by all the paperwork now required, and 55,000 children are at risk of losing their health coverage because their parents missed this month’s deadline.

Lawmakers who originally insisted on the additional documentation now say they might have gone too far, and inadvertently created obstacles for deserving families.

Sen. Tom Lee is the President of the Florida Senate and he’s one of those having second thoughts.

"The saddest outcome in the world would be that some family did not attempt to qualify their child for KidCare because they couldn’t get together the paperwork necessary to justify their eligibility, so we want to make sure that we are being fair with people and not overly burdening them."

Instead of requiring a tax return, W-2 forms and pay stubs, lawmakers are now considering requiring just one of the documents, but they’re not sure which one.

A bill making the changes passed two house committees Tuesday. The Senate President is pledging some form of legislation will pass by the end of the week.