Bay County Health Department Gets Flu Vaccine

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It's a hot commodity these days. Every clinic in our area ran out of the flu vaccine earlier this month, but health officials say those at highest risk shouldn't worry.

The Bay County Health Department just received a little more than 1,200 doses of the vaccine.

"People are very anxious and they think we're going to run out in a day or two. That's not true. If we give 60 shots a day, that gives up to four weeks worth of shots for the whole month of November," says Rick Davis of the Bay County Health Department.

The Bay County Health Department has been inundated with hundreds of calls. In fact, it took only 10 minutes to book their appointments on Monday. Now, health officials are asking that you call on Monday for next week's appointments.

If you don't get through on Monday, Davis asks that you call on Friday, November 5 for the following week.

"Last year we gave out about 2,500 doses to everyone, and that includes people like you and I, so we should have enough for those who are at highest risk," says Davis.

Davis doesn't expect any more doses for the rest of the population for the rest of the year. Those who are at highest risk and should get the flu vaccine are children under two years old, seniors over 65 years old and pregnant mothers and the medically needy.