Blankets for the Homeless

There are those who are less fortunate in this cold weather that don't even have a blanket, let alone a heater, and Hiland Park Elementary School is trying to help those in need.

The school's principal, Craig Bush, is teaming up with the Panama City Rescue Mission by holding a blanket drive.

“I think we've taken around 200 to the rescue mission already and we're anticipating about that many more. The first day I took them down they were down to just a couple of blankets left, and those blankets are not just for the homeless people on the street, which by the way, we have 1,000 in Bay County each night."

The blankets themselves are brought in by children and faculty and given to the Rescue Mission for a program they call “Warm Hearts."

Those collected blankets are then given to homeless people across Bay County and also those staying at the Rescue Mission itself.