Condo Opposition

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It's been three months since the Bay County Commission rezoned Panama City Beach RV Resort on Thomas Drive to allow a high-rise condominium, but some residents living next door say they're just now finding out about the proposed 21-story condo project.

"We got wind of it through a developer that there may be some changes. Later we learned there were meetings held and a change in zoning occurred. We would have been there to protest it," says Clay Smith, Venture Out manager.

Smith says he and many other residents were never officially notified, and they now want their chance to voice opposition to the project.

"The people of Venture Out deserve to have a say. If they were not properly notified they should have it," says County Commissioner George Gainer.

Commissioner Gainer voted against rezoning the land for the same reasons these residents are in opposition to the project.

"No one is going to travel hundreds of miles to be 80 feet away from the beach. Visitors to that new condo are going to go to the beach, and they're going to have to cross the road. That is dangerous, so I have some safety concerns," says Commissioner Gainer.

"Our units border the land. Now it's going to be a big concrete wall pressed up against the property," says Smith.

Commissioner Gainer now plans to find out if these residents were in fact notified of the rezoning change.

Since the land has already been rezoned, Commissioner Gainer says the residents can only protest the development order.