Marianna Beefing Up Fire Services

The city has added a new fire station to handle the extra growth created by the new Family Dollar Store distribution center, and people in that part of town are welcoming the new station with open arms.

Marianna's Family Dollar distribution center is almost ready to open for business, but before that happens the city had to make one last adjustment.

Jack Barwick is the Marianna Fire Chief and says, "With that huge 500 employee, 907,000-square-foot building, one requirement was that a fire station be in a couple miles of Family Dollar."

This is one new building that the neighbors will never complain about. CSX railroad has a rail going through the city of Marianna and now there will be a fire station on the north and south side of that track.

Chief Barwick says that’s not a problem anymore.

"There was a big concern that when a train was blocking the tracks the fire trucks just couldn't get across and now your going to have from Station 2 a responding engine and personnel."

The people in Marianna agree that Family Dollar required the fire station, but resident Jim Tyler agrees because of its location it’s something that the entire city can benefit from.

"They're on this side of the railroad, this side of town, so anybody, whether it’s business or an individual, we are all going to benefit.”

The new distribution center will support over 700 stores and Family Dollar has already begun training the employees to make that happen successfully. The center is expected to open early next year.