Bethlehem Community

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The story of Christmas tells us that Christ was born in Bethlehem, but that's not to be confused with the Bethlehem right here in the Panhandle.

When you talk about Bethlehem, to most people it's the birth place of Christ, but to some in Holmes County it's the place where they were born.

Thomas Moore, a Bethlehem resident, says, "I do know it's an unincorporated community. It does not have a post office. It’s just an area of northern Holmes County that as I know anything about it and as far back as I can find any history, it's been called Bethlehem Community.”

So how did a place in Holmes Bounty get a name like Bethlehem?

James Jacobs, born in Bethlehem, says, "I never thought about it, but I wish I did know. It was a good community to be born and raised in. Everybody was neighbors and friends and still are."

Do the three wise men stop by every now and then and pick up any misrouted mail?

"No, we haven't received any letters addressed to Jesus here directly, no."

But what I do hear is that this Bethlehem is a wonderful place to be this time of year.

"Two things are the center of activities and that's the churches and the schools in this area. Our school here in Bethlehem and the churches that surround it are the hub of social activities during the Christmas season here."

You won't find the star of Bethlehem here, just a lot friendly people.

Bethlehem School started in that community in 1927 has and extensively documented its history, but there is no record on why the community took on the name of Bethlehem.