Governor Visits Panama City Republicans

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With only 24 hours left before the polls close, Gov. Jeb Bush made one last plea to Panhandle Republicans. His message: get out and vote, and cast your ballot in favor of his brother, President Bush and U.S. Senate candidate Mel Martinez.

Although he's a Cuban immigrant from central Florida, Martinez says he can connect with Panhandle voters.

"This is an area where I share their values. I will stand up for family values and fight terrorists to their death," says U.S. Senate candidate, Mel Martinez.

The governor also took to the phones to get out the vote and was surprised by how many voters have already done their civic duty.

"I'm really encouraged by the numbers in Bay County. It shows the president will do really well here, and he needs to," says Gov. Jeb Bush.

The governor says early voting will help prevent another Election Day debacle. The governor also urged voters to vote yes on Amendment 6, repealing the bullet train. He says the $25 billion project would take road money away from the Panhandle.