Fireplace May Have Caused Trailer Fire

The cold weather may have played a part in an Alford man losing his mobile home.

His neighbors woke up to what they thought were gunshots. It turns out the mobile home next to them was on fire.

The man who lived there was not home at the time. He was asleep next door at his mothers.

When he noticed the fire, he called 9-1-1. Jackson Fire and Rescue put it out, but it flared up again several hours later. They were able to keep the flames from spreading to the other homes.

Neighbor Lois Harris claims the firefighters had trouble finding the home.

"We told them the car was on fire, they need to get on out here and they told us to just get away from there. They had somebody on the way. By then the trailer was just totally engulfed in flames. The car was on fire and everything. "

Neighbors suspect the man lit a fire in the fireplace to keep his pipes from freezing. The home had no electricity.