Looking for Answers in Fatal Fall

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Crystal Pafford never imagined she'd have to travel from Mississippi to Panama City, looking for answers into why her father died.

"He was just a hardworking individual that was trying to make it and now this is it. This is all that I have, there's no anything. I'm just by myself,” Pafford explains.

Last Friday, Kenneth Pafford was working on a roof at the La Valencia development on Panama City Beach.

No one actually saw what happened, but workers believe he lost his footing, fell and hit his back on the second landing, finally landing on the ground where his head slammed into the concrete.

Workers on the scene say Pafford was not wearing a required safety harness.

David Stone of Panhandle Construction who supervised the job says Pafford was a good friend. Stone says he has built houses on the beach for 12 years and always orders his workers to take proper safety precautions.

He says he was not on the job site at the time of the accident. Pafford's daughter believes the construction company is at fault and has issued a warning to other workers.

"If you get to a job and they're not providing you with the safety equipment that you need, walk away. It’s not worth the $11 an hour you're going to get paid because this is all that I have."

But for now, she's like everyone else, asking why.