Incumbent Congressmen Hold Onto Seats

Republican U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris and Democratic U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd won re-election in Florida's two most hotly contested congressional races Tuesday.

Boyd, a Vietnam combat veteran, handily turned back Republican challenger Bev Kilmer, who had the help of the White House, while Harris had a bit of a tougher test in a rematch from 2002 against Jan Schneider, a Sarasota lawyer.

Republicans retained their 18 to 7 majority in Florida's House delegation. Five incumbents, three Republicans and two Democrats, were re-elected without opposition, leaving 20 races on the ballot.

Many Democrats still are bitter about the dual role Harris played in Florida's 2000 recount that gave Republican George W. Bush the state by 537 votes, putting him in the White House. Harris oversaw the recount as Florida's secretary of state while serving as state co-chairwoman of Bush's campaign.

First District Congressman Jeff Miller of Chumukla in Santa Rosa County won easy re-election Tuesday. He handily defeated Democrat Mark Coutu.