Christmas Vandals

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There is a Grinch stealing Christmas in Lynn Haven. Decorations are being taken from people's yards, and Lynn Haven police officials say they're taking the prank very seriously.

For thousands of families, Christmas time means lights, decorations, and action.

"We love for people to come by and look at our house. We turn the lights every night. My husband likes doing all the work. He just wants it to be appreciated," says Juliette Josten, Lynn Haven Resident.

But Josten says her husband's labor of love has gone unappreciated by one group of un-jolly souls.

"My husband got done putting up the lights around one in the morning, and within a couple of hours, we were vandalized. It was not a funny kind of vandalizing. Things were broken. A good amount of costly damage," says Josten.

Lynn Haven police say there's been an unusually high number of incidents this Christmas season. But this past week has topped them all, with almost 20 reports in three different neighborhoods. Police are now asking you to be on the look out for any suspicious persons in your neighborhood.

"We've stepped up patrol. Keeping neighborhoods under a better watch," says Dennis Kiah, Lynn Haven Police Department.

The police department is working a number of different leads, which could help put an end to the rampant vandalism.

"I think they should be reprimanded, so it doesn't happen again. 'What do you think should happen to them?' Maybe community service," says Josten.

Whatever their punishment, Josten hopes the vandals will learn the true meaning of Christmas and leave others to enjoy the season's glory.

More than a handful of Lynn Haven residents would not talk on camera for fear of retaliation.

Kiah says they have caught vandals in the past, and he says they were charged with theft, a pretty serious charge for what some might think is just a prank.