Small Town Christmas

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It's four more shopping days until Christmas, and many of us may are in that last minute crunch, but if your looking for that item that's not in the mall or a discount store, downtown Marianna may be the place for you.

The joy and pains of Christmas shopping is about to finally end, but there's a place in Jackson County that people enjoy shopping year round.

"I think shopping in downtown has a personal touch versus shopping at a mall.”

"It's the kind of shopping experience where people can come in and find unique items and enjoy the experience."

You may not see the same items as the mall or some discount stores, and merchants here say that what make this place special.

"It's very fresh. It's very modern with a since of heritage of the past, but yet the products of the future."

Christmas has brought in the usual extra amount of shoppers from the Panhandle and beyond.

"We have people from Panama City, from Tallahassee, even from Dothan and different areas like that, just looking for something different.”

Different and unique seems to be the theme when your talking about downtown Marianna, and from the looks of it, there's something here for everyone.

Some of the specialty shops in downtown Marianna include jewelry and kids clothing.