Snow Anniversary

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The farther north you traveled that weekend in 1989, the worse the snow situation got. Folks in Jackson County found themselves indoors for several days with only the brave of heart venturing onto the streets.

It was 15 years ago when the streets were covered with snow, and for some people in Marianna those memories are still fresh.

Elena Stackowitz says, "Depending on where you were, like, I was in Greenwood, I could see everything was just covered in white. The top of my station wagon, everywhere you looked it was like a beach outside.”

Somebody must have wished for a white Christmas because recent forecasts show that Marianna could have a repeat performance of that snowy event. That's what Jackson County administrator Ted Lakey had to say about the possibility of a snowstorm.

Ted says, “Usually in cases like that the bridges will be the first area of concern, so we've got enough sand on hand out at the Road and Bridge Department to come in and spread on those bridges and take care of any slippery conditions.”

That's what people here are hoping, because some say that was not the case during the last icy event.

“There were accidents everywhere. People were skidding. They had no idea how to drive in the snow. They had no idea what the snow was going to do, and that was a lot of fun.”

If we do see snow here, drivers are asked to take caution, especially on bridges. Some precautions to take will driving in snow include keeping proper distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you and don't turn on a curve faster than three to four miles an hour.