FA-22 Grounded

The Air Force has suspended all FA-22 Raptor flights nationwide while investigators look into Mondays Raptor crash in at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas.

One of the $133 million planes crashed and burned on a runway shortly after takeoff at Nellis. The pilot suffered scrapes but was otherwise unharmed.

The Air Force says it should take about 30 days for a safety board to conclude its crash investigation, and 90 days for an accident board to finish its probe.

Until then, all Raptors will remain on the ground until Air Force officials believe it's safe for them to fly again.

Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City is the training home for raptor pilots. Officials there say the suspension won't effect operations. They'll concentrate on class work instead until they car fly again. Most of the training here involves simulators.

The Air Force said it expects the FA-22 to join combat operations as scheduled by the end of next year.