State Holding More Than $1 Billion in Unclaimed Property and Money

You may have a gift waiting for you, but you're not going to find it under the Christmas tree. Instead, it might be sitting in a vault in Tallahassee.

The state of Florida is holding more than $1 billion in unclaimed cash and valuables that could belong to you.

Imagine owning some old coins from a Spanish galleon, a Ming Dynasty vase, some Civil War era guns, or even a bundle of cash, but you don't know about it. The property is turned over to the state from abandoned bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, even utility deposits.

State Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher is urging Floridians to check with the state to see if they may be entitled to claim some lost treasure. He says finding a little extra cash or a valuable piece of property could make your holiday a little brighter.

Gallagher says the accounts are just waiting to be claimed by the rightful owner at no charge.

To find out if you might be entitled to some lost goods or money, you can log on to or you can call the state Bureau of Unclaimed Property at 1-88-VALUABLE (1-888-258-2253