Alive and Kickin'

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It was not business as usual in the days following Hurricane Ivan for many local restaurants. Some lost thousands of dollars in business, but others even lost their establishments. Now, they're left to pick up the pieces.

The owners of the Marlin Grill restaurant were some of the lucky ones.

"We boarded up our operations that we needed to. We encouraged our staff to get out of the area and tried to get everyone safe and let Mother Nature do what she wanted to do,” explains Marlin Grill owner Tom Rice.

Mother Nature did her worst damage to the west, but south Walton and even more so Destin did feel her effects.

Hurricane Ivan generally spared the village of Baytowne Warf.

"We had to shut down for a couple of days, the resort did. It definitely affected business but we we’re lucky and we were open the week after and I think once people got word and got wind that there was very little damage done, they were really excited to get back out and join us here at Baytown,” shares Special Events Manager Adam Schiland.

For the Marlin Grill, it took about week to get the grill going again, the drinks flowing.

"We did have a few groups back out and cancel particularly the late September groups, but I think we've had very few cancellations in October and have actually picked up quite a few transplanted groups that for one reason or another had to reschedule. So, we are alive and kickin' in Baytowne,” adds Rice.

It’s an attitude felt by businesses and customers alike.

You can catch free musical performances every Wednesday evening throughout the year at the village of Baytowne Wharf.